Ajit Das (+91 8895501854)
Prabir Behera (+91 88955 04453)
Biju Vasudevan (+91 8895503307)
Nivedita Pattanaik (+91 8895500015)
Braja Dash (+91 8895503283)
We have created a Facebook page to provide latest updates. In addition, we have a vibrant whatsapp group with 240 of our batchmates. Please reach out to anilkumarkar@gmail.com to get added.

Facebook Page Link:
Our informal gathering starts on 24th Dec 2018 evening. We are wrapping up the events on 26th Dec 2018 evening. It will be good to plan keeping this in mind.
You are most welcome to bring your family to the event. We are planning to have some events for kids. More to come as we do the detail event planning.
Yes - The event dates are finalized and you can book your air/rail ticket for the dates convenient for you.
Yes - The details of hotels and negotiated rates are provided on the registration form
The organizers are discussing on this topic. Please help with Corporate Sponsorship or voluntary contribution during registration.